Discover how to become the resilient, fearless soul you were born to be. Experience an amazing transformation and get back to your full potential.

Do you long to be free from uncontrollable feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness, intense fear and panic?

Are you anticipating and avoiding situations that may involve heights, needles, or dogs?

Missing out on having fun, not flying, driving, eating out?

Avoiding your doctor or dentist?  … The list is endless.

Hi, my name is Liz,
welcome to
Revitalize Hypnotherapy

I am a professionally insured and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT® Therapist, trained in person with Marisa Peer, creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) and qualified with a BSc. (Hons) in Complementary Therapy. I would be honoured and thrilled to assist you to get back your full potential.

I have been fascinated with the mind-body connection for almost three decades and am passionate about using the power of the unconscious mind to enable rapid healing. My mission is to help as many people as possible see that they have the ability to thrive.

I support and motivate you to transform how you react when faced with challenging or triggering situations. I understand your anguish and will lead you through my thorough process to revitalize your thoughts and feelings to gain greater well-being.

You will be guided to tap into your powerful innate ability to make decisions on how you want to think and feel, to be in control of your emotions. If you are curious to understand more, read on.

Work with Me

Through our work together, you are guided to understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Changing a habit of thought enables you to create new and powerful beliefs in your neural pathways (the part that hardwires your brain) and improved feelings and behaviours are established at the very deepest level of your unconscious.

Many people unwittingly carry beliefs from childhood that inform their whole adult life. We work with you to reframe and eradicate any outdated conclusions to make positive changes for the rest of your life.

Great power comes from understanding and once you identify where any unhelpful, restricting beliefs come from, you can let them go. You benefit by creating new updated and supportive thought processes.

My principal aim is to support you in making changes to your life to give you back your freedom of choice. Transformation takes teamwork and your valuable input will develop inner resilience and create happiness and success.

You are in a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental space, through online zoom sessions so that you feel secure in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

You can trust my support for the duration of your programme to enable you to let go of any issues that are keeping you stuck so you can live in harmony.

Astounding, incredible results are achieved when you take control of your unconscious thoughts.

Client Results

I have had a fear of birds since I was a child, it started to impact my social life, meeting friends for coffee or lunch outside, I would feel nauseous if a bird came anywhere near. I have never experienced hypnotherapy and Liz offered to help me with RTT. When I learned that we would have the session over zoom, I was very sceptical. In just one session, Liz has totally changed the way I think and behave around birds. My friends and family have all noticed that I am happy sitting outside, I no longer panic or run away. I can now see how fascinating they are and the colours in their feathers are beautiful. My experience has been absolutely life-changing!

Fear of Birds – Ornithophobia

“I was amazed by the result of my RTT® hypnotherapy session with Liz. I started my journey being fearful and anxious over the thought of being sick and the embarrassment it could cause. I can now say I live a more carefree approach to life, without fear being at the forefront of everyday decisions. Anxiety attacks are no longer a regular occurrence in my life. I cannot thank Liz enough and would recommend her sessions to anyone.”

Alice, Freedom from Emetophobia

I worked with Liz on my emotional eating and wanting to reduce my weight. Liz is amazing, she listens, understands and really helped me to identify why I wasn’t reducing my weight. With her help and guidance, I was able to reset my mindset and focus on what I wanted rather than what I didn’t want. I am back on track and starting to drop the weight. Thanks, Liz I am so grateful.

Suzanne Knight, Emotional Eating

I’ve suffered from cystitis since I was a teenager, the flare-ups becoming debilitating daily during my pregnancy. This is when I decided to have a treatment with Liz as no traditional medicine was helping. After just one session, I understood how my unconscious thoughts affected me and I can honestly say I haven’t had any more symptoms in over two years. I couldn’t recommend working with Liz more, she is so supportive and makes you feel at ease immediately. If you’re considering a session, all I can say is go for it. You won’t regret it!

Abigail, Physical Symptons of Cystitis

My session with Liz was amazing! I had a fear of deep water, after a session with Liz I felt so much more relaxed. I was able to go swimming and go in the deep end and enjoy swimming with ease. I also feel so much more connected to the sea and open bodies of water! I am in the process of booking my water sports this summer and can’t wait to accomplish wakeboarding this year. I am so grateful, Liz is an amazing therapist and I highly recommend her to everyone! Liz is a passionate and understanding therapist who gets to the root cause quickly and effectively! I am over the moon.

Siontai, Fear of Deep Water – Thalassaphobia

Lizzie’s approach from the start was so caring and compassionate, she put me at ease with her gentle approach, and she took the time to get to know me and understand who I was. Our meetings were always focused and I can honestly say my outlook on life has changed in such a positive way and I would recommend her services without hesitation. Thank you Lizzie.