About Liz


Hi, I’m Liz

Welcome to Revitalize Hypnotherapy

I have been resilient for as long as I can remember, through the trials and tribulations of my life’s ups and downs, however low, I always knew that ultimately I would be happy!

At a stage in my life when I could no longer cope, I had to seek professional help. Sharing my vulnerability and asking for support was not easy but having someone really listen to me, that’s when I found clarity; understanding is power.

Understanding is Power

I allowed others to dictate my feelings about myself and my self-worth, without understanding that my feelings come from inside me. My own healing journey taught me so much.

I have gathered knowledge over many years and consistently keep up to date, effectively helping my clients to transform and empower themselves. 

Amazing results come from hypnotherapy, and complementary, alternative health care, this is my purpose and passion, 

I have been working and studying the mind-body connection for nearly three decades. While working in offices as a massage therapist, I noticed that in as little as 15 minutes my client’s improved their outlook and felt better.

Following my passion, I embarked on a science degree with a pathway in complementary therapy, the perfect mix of science, research and physical therapy.

I gained a thorough understanding of anatomy & physiology, sports psychology, Pilates, the placebo effect and how it affects the body and mind.

I have always wanted to show my clients how they are the biggest asset to their recovery and to give them the tools and the power to make effective changes for themselves.

A spark lit inside me …

When you are feeling emotional and physical pain, it can take long enough to find the right therapist, time is of the essence and it is not always helpful to sit in a room week after week talking about your issue (it).

I became fascinated by hypnotherapy and gained a solid foundation in clinical hypnosis, then I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy®. A spark lit inside me, at last I found a space full of compassion and heart which truly desired effective change for clients. 

I became a certified RTT® Therapist and had the opportunity to add to my training in person with Marisa Peer and her fabulous team in London. Throughout this innovative hybrid therapy, Psychology, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are all utilised.

I thoroughly enjoy consistently advancing my knowledge with Continual Professional Development (CPD) keeping up to date and maintaining my skills and understanding.

I have learnt so much about myself and my client’s powerful ability to turn around negative thinking. I help them to embrace vibrant, positive thoughts and feelings.

My mission is to impact my clients’ confidence in themselves …

and empower them to find their freedom to live life with clarity and without phobias, fears, or anxiety. To see their unique potential and to create a limitless life full of abundance, joy and fulfilled desires.

Next steps …

If you have decided to make changes in your life, have beliefs that are holding you back, click the link to book a discovery call and see how I can help you make the desired change.