Frequently Asked Questions

Will I become unconscious when hypnotised?

No, you will be fully relaxed and will be speaking to me, unlike stage hypnosis which is more of a performance designed to entertain.

Will you be able to take over my mind?

No, you are always in control and I cannot make you do anything you do not want to.

How does hypnotherapy work over the internet?

Clients often find that they feel more comfortable in their own space, it removes any worry about travel and being out of their comfort zone. Hypnosis works incredibly well over zoom so long as you have a good connection with your face and arms visible. It is essential to make arrangements so that you will not be disturbed throughout your session. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of relaxation and the wonderful flow that you achieve to enhance your time.

Will I see a change straight after the session?

Change happens for everyone in different ways as we are all unique and outcomes are very much based on your input. Typically there are 3 ways we change.  

Firstly immediate change you will feel quite different straight away, you feel that there has been a shift in your attitude and thinking.

Secondly incremental change there are subtle shifts in your understanding at a slower rate but you notice each day there are small changes.

Thirdly, retroactive change is when you don’t notice anything immediately, then after the programme has finished, you look back and see all the significant changes.

I don’t think I can be hypnotised, is this right for me?

Everybody can be hypnotised, you can too if you wish to be. It is the same feeling as when we are engaged in a film or driving on autopilot, it is the same sense of being in the flow, and enjoyable relaxation.

Do I have to listen to the audio?

Yes, the audio is very important in making sure that the hard work we did throughout your session is programmed into your unconscious mind.

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