How We Can Work Together

Rapid Reframe

28-Day Programme

This is perfect if you want to get rid of a fear or phobia and are absolutely ready and committed to changing your current situation now. You may have tried to change consciously, with desensitizing techniques or rationalizing your thoughts. You believe if you had more willpower you could do better.

Transformational power comes from understanding where the fear originated and with RTT® techniques and the knowledge of your unconscious mind, together we gain a powerful understanding of what was going on in your life when you got this issue. We then work together to transform and eradicate your fears and reprogramme a better and far more beneficial belief system.


The Details

You will receive:

Pre-session consultation questionnaire

1 x 30 minute intake consultation session
1 x RTT hypnotherapy-based session up to 120 minutes

1 x Personal Audio to permanently reinforce a positive belief system (21 days, listen daily)
1 x 30 minute mindset review

Personalised recording to reinforce and enhance the transformation from the session
Full email/message support throughout the 28 days (in office hours)

You can expect:

Increased self-confidence and self-resilience
To enjoy a new sense of freedom 
To develop amazing coping skills
Better sleep and ability to relax


Relaxation recording to prepare you for maximum success.

Investment: £450.00

Revitalize & Motivate

3 month “You are Unique” person-centred programme

This 3 month programme is perfect for you if you need a boost to your courage and confidence. We work in-depth on strength of mind,  self- resilience and freedom from overwhelm in any situation. 

Investing in your mental and physical well-being, you will discover how to overcome any limiting beliefs and develop healthy strong coping strategies.  Learning how your thoughts, feelings  and actions dictate the outcomes of your life you can let go of anything holding you back.

We work with your unique belief system and integrating tools and techniques you will experience phenomenal freedom by developing a new and powerful mindset.

Revitalize &Motivate

The Details

You will receive:

Pre-session consultation questionnaire
1 x 30 minute deep dive intake
3 x RTT hypnotherapy based sessions of between 90/120 minutes
2 x 30 minute mindset sessions each month, installing resilience and confidence
3 x Personal Audio’s for presenting issues and what comes out of each session to increase positivity and enhance and motivate the mind

On-line zoom session so you can stay in the comfort and privacy of your own home

Email and/or Messaging Support (during office hours)

Please contact for 1:1 to be arranged.

You can expect:

An amazing new sense of freedom 
Increased levels of self-confidence and self assurance in any situation
To be feeling totally relaxed with strong self-resilience
Better sleep patterns
Increased happiness and a phenomenal feeling of empowerment


Relaxation recording to prepare you for maximum success. Email and/or messaging support for the duration of your programme, any additional information that will enhance and encourage continuous and positive change, tools and techniques related to your growth throughout your sessions.

Investment: £1200.00

Next steps …

Book a call to discuss the best option for you. In this complimentary 30-minute call you will be able to discuss what you would like to achieve and whether we are a good fit for each other.